Artist Statement

Artist Bio

Adrienne Clark is a jewellery artist, who studied at the Fleming College, Haliburton School of Art & Design. She was raised in Haliburton County and stayed to have her own family. She has sold works in the Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre Boutique, among other venues. She participated in independent gallery initiatives, including Visible Voices Open Arts Studio. While there she volunteered as a studio guide, which included teaching abstract encaustic painting. Her avid need to learn new elements, mediums, and art techniques to expand upon her multidisciplinary practice has pushed her to attend formal training. Her experience thus far is being channeled into her jewellery creations.

My passion for jewellery is rooted in family history. Beginning with my grandfather, who left his own love for it unfulfilled, my enthusiasm inspired my uncle to pursue jewellery restoration in his last months of life. Learning about my family history was the catalyst that finally pushed me to embrace what I truly love; creating art, especially wearable or highly usable. I love the concept of a cold piece of metal being systematically transformed into a comforting talisman. My process has continually evolved over the years as I experimented with new techniques. My current focus is on the duality of the detail oriented versus the organic creations that come about by playing with the boundaries of the materials I am using.  


Nikkolace and Adrienne